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Photos from the
2012 Irish Rambling House Tour of Britain
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Special escort for the Irish Rambling House???

A Rambling House? Not likely

Also on the M1 was....

Early rehearsals


On the Ferry

Back in Birmingham

James & Marian Ahern and their daughter, Caroline caught
up with the Irish Rambling House in Birmingham

Heavy security for John!



Fancy meeting Mrs Agnes Brown  in Birmingham!

Whopping it up in Haringey

John and Stan Fergus came from Montserrat!

Josephine and Connor Walsh came from Lyreacrompane!

The Craic was good in Cricklewood

Fancy meeting you in Cricklewood!!!
Kay meets granddaughter, Kate, Son, Tony and his wife Jenny.

Irish Country Music Radio presenters Lucia and Joe meet at the Crown while Willie Coyle meets some of his favourite women

Hurrying to Harrow

This has to be the way to Harrow!

Nothing but healthy food in Birmingham Billy?

Waiting for Nando!

The Bullring in Birmingham

A little shut-eye on the coach







Sound man - Sound Sleep

No sleep for the wicked

I think Derby is this way.  I think Derby is that way.

Kay O'Leary announces a Hooley in Derby!

A ticket and a hug gets you in!


"'Tis bad! 'tis bad!, 'tis awful bad!!!"



Joe Harrington sums it up - "A good one in both halves"

Mary and Robert at Hollyhead.  Not far to home now!!!

Darren wonders if Ken will make it off the ferry at all!

The full cast of the 2012 Irish Rambling House Tour of Britain pictured at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood

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