Photos from the
2013 Irish Rambling House Tour
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Rehearsals on the ferry to Holyhead



First stop Leamington Spa

Kay O'Leary tells the audience to "Pull up your Súgan Chairs"


Birmingham Irish Centre

Margaret and Chrissie

Derek and Dan at work

Running repairs....

DVD's at the break

John Fitzgerald from Minstrel Music with Chrissie



Joe Harrington with BBC presenter, Bob Brolly.

London Irish Centre, Camden

Taking a break on the road to London

Taking a break over the road to London

Recording the Camden show.

John Giltenane and Con Dee from the
Limerick Exiles Association with Joe
London Kerry Association Dinner Dance

"Hi Robbie", says Tommy Moran boss of the Crown Moran Hotel

Tom Monahan and Joe must be chatting about videoing

Doris Shire joins the O'C Trio at the Dinner Dance for a couple of songs

Lorraine meets cousin Bob from Southampton

Full House at Harrow

Only a few seats left.

Sound man Dan on the pipes

Mike Moynihan batters on the barrell

Mike and Margaret take to the floor

Kay with Patrick (OBE) and Mary O'Connell

Willie sells the winner!

Billy Donegan, Causeway and Frank Stanley, Foilmore meet up.

Lyreacrompane connection

Kay meets up again with Lin from Southampton

Irish Rambling House dancers Sarah and Maurice O'Keeffe, Brosna, with aunt Josephine Scanlon, grandmother Nora Scanlon, Moher, Moyvane, uncle Mike Scanlon and mother Anne Marie at the show in Harrow

The Irish Rambling House group at the Crown Moran in Cricklewood

An early start for the ferry at Holyhead




Is it a bird? Is it a plane....


Having a nap on the ferry

Derek the driver

Kay, the back up driver?

Limerick in sight

Resting up for next year

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