Photos from the
2014 Irish Rambling House Tour
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On the Ferry

Time for rehearsal

Time to rest


Kay catches up with cousins Helen Bourke and Mary Hyland at the Birmingham Show. Also in the photo are Margaret Madigan (centre back) and Michael Mangan.

Pat Gavin, Galway on the right.

Fr Browne meets Mrs Browne (Aka Chrissie Roche storyteller)

John Fitzgerald of Minstrel Music (on the right) who promotes the
Irish Rambling House Show in Birmingham chatting with a friend

One sound man (Dan O'Callaghan) and two sound women

Taking a break on the M1 to London

A quick word about the next show while Billy relaxes at the service stop!

Good vibrations   

Now, which will I answer first?. says Dan


Some get shut eye on the coach - and some have nightmares!!! (Right Sarah???)

London Irish Centre, Camden

Our next DVD looks like being 'The Irish Rambling House at Camden'

Alice Kennedy who helped to promote our Camden Show with Kay

Tour participants and cousins Fionnulla Trench and Darragh O'Donnell meet up with relations.

Connor Walsh, Lyreacrompane and London hopped on stage to sing a bar of an Irish song

Joan Spring and friends

Darragh O'Donnell from Caherhayes, Co Limerick meets Limerick exile, Jack Roche

Kay O'Leary, Manager of the Irish Rambling House Tour and Billy Donegan, Causeway, Co Kerry one of the entertainers.  Billy presents the very popular all-Irish Music Show on Radio Kerry every Sunday morning at 11am

Frank and Nancy Byrnes who helps to promote the Show down London way.

The all important raffle!

Harrow Weald

Mary O'Connell, Willie and Ann Moffitt and Patrick O'Connell who promote our Harrow Show

Seamus Harnett, Lisnagry, Co. Limerick whistles a tune.
This was the first time we had a whistler in our sixteen Tours

Willie and his women!!!

Joe Harrington with Christine and Keith who came all the way from Gilford for the show.
We had met them on the Ferry to Hollyhead and after seen our rehearsal on board
decided to come and see the Show.


Brosna get-together - Musicians and dancers Maurice and Sarah O'Keeffe
meet up with a favourite aunt and friend

Rosemary and Robin travelled from Stevenage to see the Show

Session at the Crown

Darren Roche and Christine Mulcahy

Darragh O'Donnell and Maurice O'Keeffe

Christine, Sarah O'Keeffe, Seamus Harnett and Dan O'Callaghan

Fionnuala Trench and Ken Browne

Paddy Commane in full flight!

Meeting the cousins at the Crown


Lyreacrompane man Tim Keane and his wife Eileen meet up with Kay O'Leary
and Michael Mangan also from Lyre.

I think I've got the winner!!!

O'Callaghan family originally from Tralee


... and the humour of it all!

Darren Roche plays a tune while Joe Harrington from Lyreacrompane meets
John (Harrington) O'Malley from Abbeydorney, Co Kerry.

Joe introduces the entertainers

Chrissie and Doris meet Mickey Hennessy from Castlemahon

Conked out!!!


On the road to Hollyhead with a song and a snooze

A game of cards on the Ferry

Derek takes us home

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